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Text for Page 096 [04-24-1852]

              Post Office.      Concluded contract with Mathews
to do entire Number of Reveille drawings engraving
& drawing.       To Strongs.   Back to Lantern.
Brougham off for Boston.                At 1/2 past 4
to the Club dinner.        Stayed till 10 � dull
talk I think.   The best part of the conversation
was in the topic �Whether the Moon is or is not
made of green cheese?.
  25. Sunday.  Did drawing on wood for Reveille.
Joe Called.     Weed came for drawing by 11, and
took it.           Dined at 2, at Van Name and
Bush�s, then to Hoboken, by the Barclay Street
Ferry, and being discharged therefrom with other
multitudinous holiday-makers, to a terrace, adja-
cent, looking westwards, green plots in front, and
comfortable looking.      Calling at No 15 and inquiring
for Mr Charles, I was speedily inducted into a               
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