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Text for Page 097 [04-25-1852]

              a spacious, well furnished basement, a cheerful
fire burning, and decanters on table.   Mr Charles
and a young fellow there only, the latter of
whom left soon.     So I took a cigar and a
glass of madeira, and talked awhile, then
at his suggestion accompanied him out for a 
drive in a chaise of his possessing, � the horse
a comfortable fast trotting fellow yclept Jack.
Through and around Hoboken, Durham, and
Bergen � a pleasant ride surely.   The trees
looked bare and brown, few buds and fewer leaves,
but all had its peculiar beauty.      Sometimes we�d
skirt the rock path, looking down across flat marsh
or thicket on to the broad Hudson, � sometimes
in land, passing through quiet thickets, where
the tall bare copsewood margined the way, in
dim, hazy, brown, sombre beauty.   Some-               
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