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Text for Page 054 [11-17-1849]

              did exist) must have presented much the same sight as does
this Washington market now.  Human nature is the same.
  /  It is a great and serious thing to live . To have thoughts,
and sympathies, to feel love and awe at the wondrous world within
and around us.   And, to me, the idea of Death is sad, were
it but that I might lose consciousness of this beautiful world;
of the Sun, of the sky, green trees, and kindly thoughts.  And
if �tis pleasant thus, existence, what, oh! what would it be when
possessed of and possessing one to love dearly, �dearly, dearly, ever dearly
, of one who would love and sympathize with me.  Ah me, well
should I know how to appreciate it.   To worship you, my own
dear girl in my heart of hearts! � never to let the world of common-
place circumstance disenchant the deep, sweet feeling. To � ah
me � ah me!  God grant that I may dream of you, Mary, and
that I may soon have a letter from you.  I�m sick at heart.
  18. Sunday.  I� the afternoon over to New York for a stroll with
Wing; some distance up Broadway, returning down the Bowery and
through the New York Cour de Merades, the  �Five Points.�  During
the evening had an Ancient Mariner in our room, just returned from
San Francisco.  Yarns about whaling and the gold diggers. This same old salt 
borrowed 2 shillings of Mrs H and absquatulated on the next day!
  19. Monday.  Letters from England, and one from Cary and Hart.
The ones from England, are from my mother, Naomi, also one enclosed
from Sandeman, who had written from Edinburgh, thinking me still               
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