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Text for Page 098 [04-25-1852]

              times by little village, of framed white houses, 
each with its small field in the rear.   By
gentlemans´┐Ż seats and open fields.      Charles is
an Englishman, of sixty ´┐Ż
We talked of the country and its beauty, of New
York and the like.          Returned about sunset,
and after another hour or two, devoted to the little
cigars, and the company of three or four young
fellows who came in, and seemed marvellously 
well at home;  I left, crossed, had a Welsh
Rarebit at Reade Street, then to my room, 
Wilhelm Meister, and bed.
  26.  Monday.  To Lantern Office.  Bellew
came, and then Powell.  Named my notion
for a drawing, and got a whole page block
for it.  To Mathews, to Lockingtons, then
at 12 or so dined.    Returned, drawing.
Weed came with word that the block               
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