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Text for Page 099 [04-26-1852]

              was done, and he had sent it to get.
Went to Badean�s where I found Weed and
block; paid him, to Mathews, then to Reveille
Office; then Mathews again.   Settled about cuts
for next week.    To Lantern, then to Hol-
comb and Levys.    Then return to room. Sup-
ped as I breakfasted, Milk and loaves.  Weed
and another engraver came, talked awhile
Davis came, � left, to call again at 1/2 past
ten, by which time I had finished the whole
page Lantern drawing.
  27. Tuesday.  Cometh a small boy of Weed�s
begetting with a basket full of wood blocks  and
a missive.    Down town with Lantern drawing.
To Holcomb and Levy�s with it, leaving it there.
To Mathews�.  Talk of Reveille subjects.  To Cliff
Street,  Spottiswoodes  and got the home parcel, to
Lockingtons.   To Nagles, with their pine-wood poster.               
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