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Text for Page 100 [04-27-1852]

              To Lantern Office again.  Other calls.  Return to
Office, cut work on Reveille cuts.  Finished one
two column one by the time Weed called for it.  To
Lantern Office again.  Dined with Powell at Windusts.
to room and drew the other Reveille two column draw-
ing during the evening, with two minors.  Magnifi-
cently busy. /                 My dear mothers portrait in
the little brown paper parcel!       Mark this day
with the whitest of stones.   I was happy and touched
to the heart at its receipt, and felt more unutter-
able thoughts than can be spoken of.         She will
look like my grandmother in the course of years � I
note the change of three years.   Her face is fuller,
her look happier.      Now God in Heaven bless her
and all of them!             How the glorious sunlight               
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