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Text for Page 101 [04-27-1852]

              streamed in my window thus afternoon!
  28.  Wednesday.  Did a drawing for the Lantern
Brougham�s notion.   Did rest of the Reveille
subjects.   Down town, Lockington having called.
To Lantern Office.  To Reveille.  To Dickensons
twice, dining in the interval, and after waiting
some time found him.   Left him two blocks 
to cut.   To Lantern again, then at about 3
crossed to Brooklyn, called at Dunsiers.  Miss
Tamison and Comegys.   Folks going to move
on the first of May.          Return, drew awhile
then supped, then called at Mrs Kidders, staying
till midnight.  Lotty playing at the Lyceum.
Alfred Brown came in and a certain jolly old
rooster yclept Davis, and the quartette � including
self and Mrs K got up some of the funniest,
side-splitting mysteries, suspicions and innendos
possible.   Davis coming out gloriously.  Lotty &               
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