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Text for Page 102 [04-28-1852]

              her little brother, with two masculines came;
and the mirth grew uproarous.           Left with
Brown and Davis,   imbibed, and then each to
our several domiciles.     Davis giving me an invite to
visit his Bath House, on Long Island in the sum-
  29.  Thursday.   Will Kidder called.    Picton
came,  he having met me two days back and in-
timating he wanted me.  Wishes a design for
a poster, lithograph. �The Sachem� devoted to
the Extermination of all foreigners,� so he phrases
it.      Out with him and his friend � lunched.
To the Lantern.  O�Brien and Powell,
Burkhardt &c.    With Powell to the office
of the Democratic review .    Saw a queer MS
book there, once belonging to O�Connell.  The
Ave Maria & Lords prayer, written in 50  dif-
ferent languages.          Called at Mathews,               
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