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Text for Page 103 [04-29-1852]

              dined, returned.  Drew the Lantern subjects
till sunset.   Calld at Mr Greatbatch�s, thence
with him to Weeds.   Left blocks, returned
to Mr Greatbatchs, stayed till 11.
  30.  Friday .  Randall called.   Mr Richard-
son called.    He off to England in June.   Wants
Waud to help him finish and touch up pictures &c.
Drew till near three, then down town. Called
up Lockington.  Dined.  To Lantern Office.  There
alone for some time. To Nagles.  To Lantern again
then to the Printing Office, Powell & O�Brien
there.   To the Lantern again. Evening in doors �
Writing to George Bolton.
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