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Text for Page 105 [05-01-1852]

              and no-sense having mortal.   All bombast and
commonplace, or worse.   He�s been a scoundrel
however.   Your fool is very apt to be so on
very small temptation.  /      Met Weed.
Found him for blocks.   To Averys, he having 
called, as I learnt, on me.  Not in.
Called at Mathews, in the earlier part of the 
afternoon, giving him �Copy� for Cuts.     Supped
at Van Name and Bushs, then returned up
Broadway.   Met Powell, stood talking
with him at door awhile.  Bellew came and
they off together.       To my room and did
a drawing on wood.           Write resignation to
Lantern Club, giving it Burkhardt this afternoon.
Cant pay for being bored.
  2.  Sunday.   Did chores &c, then, having
the option of staying in doors, and drawing, or com               
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