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Text for Page 106 [05-02-1852]

              bining business with pleasure,  chose the latter, and
sallying out, walked through the calm, quiet, sunny
streets, to the �Rainbow�, where I breakfasted, there
meeting old Hunt, who told how Mrs Leave had
quitted Franklin Street; and he himself compelled
for the night to seek strange quarters.  To Brooklyn
by the South Ferry, and finding the new place to
which they had moved, called, seeing Comegys &
Miss Tamerson.        Dunsier and wife abed. Crossed
to the Island, during the afternoon drawing
and slightly abetting Barth in an Indian Ingoldsby
legend of his concoction.
  3.  Monday.  Crossed in Govermental boat
to Castle Garden, in company with Barth, he
having to summons a priest to a sick man, (who
was also delirious;) and their matters.   To the
Lantern Office.  Saw Powell.   Barth left,               
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