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Text for Page 107 [05-03-1852]

              to Office, for blocks drawn on, and took it back
to the Lantern.   To Wells & Webb &c, ordering
big block.  To Room again,  found Dickenson
with two Reveille cuts.   Paid him.  Worked 
on, big Lantern Cut till 3, or later when
Weed and Randall came.  Reveille blocks all
done. Paid �em both.   Boy came from Mathews.
Sent blocks, and followed myself,  Weed
and    Randall leaving me at Ann St.
To Mathews & with him to Reveille Office.
Barton there.  A Job to do for him.   To
Wells & Webb, and got block, paying 
  Vermylye $1.50 for�t.  To Post
Office &c.     Return.   Avery called.  Drawing
to make for him.       Went to work on the
drawing for Picton.           Joe called to day, at
12.  Martin going to quit Holts, wants to put               
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