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Text for Page 055 [11-19-1849]

              in England.	George Bolton had a forty-days-passage home.
Drawing �Mose� the rest of the day.
  20. Tuesday.  At work on �Mose� still. Matagrabolized
at getting no letter from M.
  21. Wednesday. To New York, seeing about different passage prices 
to Philadelphia, in the morning.  Bought Dickens Sketches. Sitting
and reading en afternoon. Ditto, and back-gammon in the evening.
  22. Thursday.  Embarked on board the �John Potter� near the South
Ferry, at 12, and off down the river, en route for Philadelphia.
Sunny, breezy afternoon, water very quiet, (not so a bony horse tied in
the forepart of the boat, who was performing an energetic polka all the time,
to the growling discontent of his master.)  Arrived at South Amboy and
enter the Caro, (no delay as before) and thus the rest of the journey.
Well treed country, in some places having a strange appearance, as 
you�d pass a tract of land covered with trees like exaggerated box
starting up out of the bare soil, devil a blade of grass near �em, all
as of ploughed land.  Sometimes a lone little white boarded house stick-
ing all alone in a field, no garden, shrubs, trees or humans about it.
Winding along the Delaware.  Myriads of bright sparks flying from the
funnel of the locomotive.  Inside, Irish and Yankees.  Chewing and
smoking.  Rather tedious as time drew on.  Arriving at the termi-
nus at the place which occupies the situation with regard to Philadelphia
that Jersey does to New York, we cross in ferry boat, (at about 6 in               
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