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Text for Page 108 [05-03-1852]

              Harts things some where.
    It�s hailing, raining and snowing work to do
now!  Evoe ! !
  4. Tuesday.  Picton called, with Ye Doctor
about his drawing, talking clamourously and insanely
Native Americanism gone mad and such like bosh.
     He leaving, Drew the �Lantern� big cut.  Barth
came; � down town with him.  To the new Lantern
Office.   Powell and Bellew, � to dinner, then par-
ted.  To the Democratic Review, to Post Office � to
Lockingtons &c.        Return, supped, drew the
design for Picton, then Avery�s.
  5.  Wednesday.  Picton and the Doctor came.
Barton came.   Woodjohns came.  Weed came. 
A regular levee, the earlier part of it a very
mossy one, for Picton as is his wont talked all
the time, and vociferously.    Down town.               
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