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Text for Page 109 [05-05-1852]

              To Averys, leaving block. To dinner.  To Mathews
and to the Reveille.  Had a row with Mathews
(he being jealous of Charles� influence,) in which
I had the better, by far.  An oily, encroaching,
unloveable man.    To the Lantern Office, then
to Strongs.     At the former, comes the printer,
having received a lawyers letter, apropos of
the article pitching into Lockwood, the prison
ruler of Sing Sing, Head shaver, and tormentor
by water.  Case of �Libel�.   Resolved to pitch in
more next week.    Good looking, well bearded
Swinton came.   Out with him.   Calling at
Strongs, saw him and Weldon.   Back to
my room, then out again, and crossed to
Brooklyn, by the Hamilton Ferry. Lovely,
hot, sunny day.   Found out the  �Canara
plaster mill� which Barth wants drawn               
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