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Text for Page 110 [05-05-1852]

              and sketched it.     Walked to Atlantic St,
called at Dunsiers, Comegys there, and bibulous.
Stayed half an hour, then left.  Return to
New York & room, having supped by the way.
Found a big mahogany block at the door from
Lockington.  Holbrook came, and took it
away, as I had to refuse it, � couldn�t get
it done in time, such lots of other work.  He
gave it Waud, (who�s been painting for Richardson
of late, or loafing.)              Work on Bartons
  6. Thursday. Barton came for his drawing.
Lockington being here at the time.  Out with Bar-
ton,  to Averys.           Dined.      Called at
Picayune Office.  Saw Hutchings, he having
disguised himself by showing.     To Mathews
and had a long chaffer about two blocks               
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