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Text for Page 113 [05-10-1852]

              Met Weed and Randall.  Dined.  Returned & at 2
Weed & Randall came with the 18 blocks. Ar-
ranging them, paid for �em, then hurried to
Mathews & the Reveille Office with them .  Thence
to Lockingtons. Got $3.   Thence to Lispenard
Street.  the Star.   Got Gaurand�s picture of Scrub-
race, to parody for Reveille.  Returning met
Mr Greatbatch, who had a letter for me, from
my mother, having forgotten to deliver it for two
days.    Home with him & supped there.  Return
in the evening, parting with Joe in Broadway,
he going to a Fillmore meeting, I to my room
and scribbling.  Chapter 2 of �Boarding House
  11.  Tuesday.  Breakfast at the Rainbow,
where I met Nagle.      Return. Writing.  Roberts
& Swinton came up.        Out together & dined.
Afternoon did two Column  Reveille Cut, a               
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