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Text for Page 114 [05-11-1852]

              little drawing of the Capitol for Lockington, and
a Lantern Initial, for boarding house article.
  12. Wednesday.   Down town.   Calls.  Strongs.
Lantern.   Reveille, Mathews, Lockingtons &c
Did two column Reveille cut &c.
  13.  Thursday.  Reveille work, three column
cut.  Barth came.  Down town with him, witnessing
fire at French�s Hotel by the way.   Called at
Mathews.    Dined together at Goslings.    Returned
and at work on Reveille cuts.    Weed and Randall
came.     Worked on till 8 or so, then to the
Rainbow and supped, matagrabolized.
  14. Friday.   Three small cuts for Reveille
drawn and Rebus.   Barth called.  Boy came
for blocks.   Down town with Barth.  Called
at Mathews & Dined.         Return, drawing
Thing for Lockington.
15.	Saturday.  Off to Weed�s house,               
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