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Text for Page 115 [05-15-1852]

              through miry, wet and slushy streets, eastwards 
of Bowery dam.   Found him.   Thence to the
Reveille Office, thence (after getting paid) to Nagle�s.
To Lockingtons, to the Lantern.  Got $3 paid
there, with promise of more on Monday.   To Dick-
insons, to dinner, Lockingtons again &c.  Return
about 4.   Davis came.            In doors the rest of
the day, drawing, or reading.
  16. Sunday .    Barth arriving, as agreed,
he having extorted a day from his taskmaster.
To Beekman Street, at the Rainbow, breakfasted
delectably, thence, through quiet sunny streets to the
foot of Franklin, North River, there to see the
newly arrived Great Britain, where she lay,
dwarfing all vessels near her.    A great
crowd of folk swarming up the pier, exultant
Britishers, and Yankees slightly inclined to depreciate               
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