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Text for Page 117 [05-16-1852]

              and the distant city.     A real holiday. Few
New Yorkers about.  The day breezy, but scarcely
sunny.       Returning to the water side, we partook
of a certain meal � fragmentary chips of corned
beef; in the state Christmas night not to be according
to Saint Paul �neither cold or hot� and tobacco
water, miscalled ale.    However appetite was
lain � and then another ramble, on hill side.
Returned at 6 or sooner, supped at Van Name
& Bushs, then to my room.   Stayed awhile,
and then, Barth having tattoed and beautifyed him-
self to Beach Street, there to find Mrs Kidders
new residence.  Found it, nigh to West Broad-
way � little triangular patch of trees and vegetation
in front, like Duane Park.   Lotty opened the
door.    Within were the two Browns, Mrs K,
boy Will and another.   More came anon.
Old Davis &c.    Sat and talked on sofa beside               
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