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Text for Page 056 [11-22-1849]

              the evening,)  passing through an island cut in two.  Landing, I
wend my way to Davids.	Had some provant, a wash and 
half an hours rest, then a bit of a walk for an hour or more,
up Chestnut Street. Somewhat matagrabolized and melancholy.
Pondering much to the knowledge that there�s a brother of her I love
abiding in this city, who is no more conscious of my existence, than I
am of where, and what he is.		Back to Davids � sangaree and 
a smoke then to bed.
  23. Friday.  After breakfast off to Hart�s. He and Carey about to
dissolve partnership.  Found him in the shop. He under the impression
that I had come to do the �Mose� series here.   Sent for his
lithographer, a kindly Scot; and I accompanied him to his establishment
.  Back to Harts together, and finally decided about the size of the draw-
ings.  The Stories to be forwarded to me.	Called on Mr. Frost,
and then at the Sartain�s Magazine office.  Saw Sloanacre � pompous 
dog.   Then to Davids and a dozen oysters.    1/2 past 4 arriving
embarked about the �Trenton.�   Bell ringing, porters wheeling big luggage
houses, off we go up the Delaware.  Not a long trip by water � to
Bordentown (I think ) � then the Cars for the remainder of the trip.
A stout, good humoured butcher, an Irishman gets in a dispute
with a fellow countryman about England; � the fatter cursing
it, the former praising it above all places.   Thus it began.
�And that�s Bristol is it (?   (a place we passed on the route) �               
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