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Text for Page 118 [05-16-1852]

              Lotty � while Barth talked with her Mother.
Lotty has �quitted the stage� she says.   Had a
row with Corbyn & left.   It�s well.   Time
wore on, and presently at my request she
played and sang to us.    Her mother, the 
two Browns and others, (save boy Will, asleep on
sofa)   were in the adjoining room.  Two rooms,
made  one, by opening intervening doors.    Lotty
was so delightful and fascinating as could be.
After awhile (joined the others,  Mere talk &c.
Left about 11, the Browns twain, and a 
certain Jack Hardenbrook, who looked like
an evil Dick Swiveller, and who boards there
all with us.   Divers imbibitions, and at
one    In Broadway I met old Hunt & Shaw
(not the actor,)  both Franklin Street, Leave folks.
Barth in my room half an hour or so,               
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