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Text for Page 119 [05-16-1852]

              raving about Lotty � then left.
  17.  Monday.  Randall came.  Dickinson &
Weed.    I remaining till 1, or near, by which
time all the Reveille blocks arrived.  Sent all
off all but one, which coming, I paid the fellow
and off to Reveille Office.   Saw Mathews first
at his place.     A slight snarl with old Charles
which I�m sorry for, � though not to blame. Didnt
like all the whigs down first to the presidential
race � as Mathews had settled it. 
    To Lockingtons.
To the Lantern.  To Strongs. &c.   To Mathews
again.   Return about 5.  Swinton & Fays.
Supped at Reade Street Shades � and in doors
all the rest of the time.            Young Hooper
& Joe Greatbatch called this morning.
  18.  Tuesday.  Drew Reveille cut, one column.               
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