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Text for Page 121 [05-20-1852]

              first Watson, then Fay.   To Lantern Office.
Bellew, O�Brien & North there.   Left and
crossed to Brooklyn.  Sketched a certain store, all
signs and pictures, returned at sunset.  Met Fagan.
To supper � then to room.   Joe came.  Drawing
all the evening and now, to bed.
  21. Friday.   Dickinson came for block.   Drew
two Notions on Wood for the Lantern &c.  Little Cut
for Lockington.  Down town calls.  To Lantern.
Brougham and Powell.  Come there a certain 
individual who wanted a sketch made of a muss that
had chanced between a dry goods merchant & his
clerk, the latter having knocked his employer into
a big box.   So, being handed over to me, I accom-
panied the man to the store where it had occurred.
Return to Lantern Office.  More calls &c.  Evening
to Webers, with boots.  Thence to Ludlow Street               
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