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Text for Page 122 [05-21-1852]

              intending to leave Rebusses with Weed.   But
he was abed & the door fast.    Supped at Van
Name & Bush� then to room.
  22. Saturday. Lockington came with big block. Gave
him rebuses.     Drew awhile.   Man of yesterday came.
Down town at 1.  dined.  To Reveille. Got
the weekly $16 for cuts.    To Lockingtons.
To Lantern, twice.  Got $5. (half.)         Calls &c.
Weed, Dickinson & Randall called on me, when
returned.  Put up little Yankee clock I bought this
afternoon for $1.25.          Evening, with intent to
go to Webers, having supped at Reade St Shades
I met Will Kidder & walked to the house with 
him.    Talk with Mrs K, Alfred Brown &c.
Then till 11, pleasantly.   Lott visiting her uncle
up town.     Brown out with me.  Stepping into
a Broadway Bar to take a �lemon soda�, we               
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