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Text for Page 123 [05-22-1852]

              Met Actor Pope.    Billiardizing he was.
  23. Sunday.  Roused by the ticking of my clock
& a plashing shower of rain, turned over & dozed
again.     Rose, did chores &c, and at about 11 out,
crossed the South Ferry to Brooklyn, and was rowed by
Foley to the Island.        Arrived at the Hospital, was
alone for two hours, & dined alone, then Barth ar-
rived.  A close, humid day, no sun out, and a
rain and thunder storm at night.   Wrote & talked
all the evening, till some 2 or three on the mor-
ning, then to bed.
  24.  Monday.   To New York, through the close
clammy mist and vapour, which shrouded everything,
making the barks loom out ghostly when we approached
them.       Called at Lockingtons;  lost divers shillings
through a small pocket hole,  while promenading up
Broadway, then to room.    Randall came, with 
cuts.  Paid him.  Down town, got rebusses at               
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