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Text for Page 124 [05-24-1852]

              Lockingtons, then to Mathews & with blocks.
Helped him writing copy, took them to Reveille
Office, called at Strongs.    Returning, looked
in at Roberts, and out to dinner together, at
Frenchs.    Talk of work.       Return to room.
Work till 4 or the Brooklyn store, for Lockington
then, through the rain, (which Lord Bacon would 
have liked for �irrigation,� towards the Lantern
Office.   Met Picton, 
 & three other sweeps I didn�t know.  Picton�s
getting perfectly lunatic with his rabid desire for
talking.        To Lantern Office.  Didn�t get
the promised $5.    More drawings wanted.
Return, drew till 7, then out to supper
at the Excelsior.  To Canal Street for boots
after, returned, wrote till past 10, and now
think of going to bed.               
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