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Text for Page 125 [05-25-1852]

              25. Tuesday.   Working on a big drawing of 
house front for Lockington till 2, when �the Aztec�
coming for it, let him have it.   Down town.
Called at Lantern unsuccessfully &c.  Return
to the room which Richardson had taken in
Broadway for the sale of his pictures.    The
first days Auction was over, and I found him
with Waud, in the spacious room, wherein, while
we were exhibited the Aztec.  There were still
many pictures, framed and finished up &c. around
the walls.       Richardson was much disappointed
& the poor result of the first days sale � 
such pictures as had gone were sold at ridiculously
low prices.   Stayed awhile, then on to Davis
shop-place, which I could not find.   Over to
Brooklyn, on a fruitless and wearisome quest after
his residence; drearily back about 9 or later, sup-
ped at Van Names, then to room & bed.               
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