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Text for Page 126 [05-26-1852]

              26. Wednesday.  Up town again to Davis� shop.
Left note for him.   Saw Brougham by the way.
Collar purchasing.   Return.  Down town to Lantern
Office.  Got $5 paid.   To Wells & Webb for
blocks.   To Lockingtons.  Dined &c.  Return
to room, at work on Reveille subjects.   At 5
or so  Lockington comes to borrow $2, under
promise of payment on the morrow.    Lent it.  Shall
be the Last time though � or there�ll be a perpetual
dribble of small loans wanted � whenever he
wants money he�ll come to me.     Have had too
much of this sort of thing in my day, and invariably
lost by it.  /             Supped at Reade St, then
about 8, to Beach.            All out at first, so I
sat down, and presently in came Will Kidder.
Talked to the boy, set him drawing, and in
half an hour in came Lotty.    She had been               
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