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Text for Page 128 [05-26-1852]

              Or was he right and she wrong � or both wrong
as is most like in the separation .   God knoweth �
        I wonder what�s all this to do with me?
  27. Thursday.   Work on Reveille subjects.
Down town with them, to Mathews, then dined,
then to Dickensons.    Lockington�s.  Bought
summer coat.     Return & work on Reveille
subjects .   Supped at Reade Street.
  28. Friday.  Down town, breakfasted at the Ex
celsior, to Dickinson, Post Office.  Sent letter off for
home.   To and fro, Lockingtons, Mathews, Strongs
(leaving Copy for �Notions,�   Clocksellers &c.    Return,
at work, Will Kidder came, and presently Barth.
They leaving, out, dined at Sweenys, then to Ludlow
Street, leaving blocks at Weeds.  Thence to Canal on
a vain quest after Baudoin, he having quitted the
place.   To Bleecker Street, intending to call on
Hunsdale. He out.    Returned.   Wrote &c               
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