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Text for Page 130 [05-30-1852]

              shaded front parlour, through the outer green blinds
of which the hot bright sunlight peeped quietly
in, I read Cowper, and waited.       Presently he
came, very much the worse for an overnight�s
debauch, in which, Wurzbach, Waud &c had
been sharers.    According to Roberts, they had been
whist playing, champagne drinking & travelling twixt
tavern & tavern  �till some four in the morning,	
all getting infernally drunk.  Suggested a days
Staten-Islanding to Roberts & he agreed, swearing
he wouldnt touch another glass of liquor in his life.
Presently in came one Corbett, acquaintance of Roberts,
a self willed Britisher, who cursed a great deal too much
and had a decided desire to have his own way.
Roberts acquainting him with our notion, he proposed
a sail boat & half a dozen others � ending of
course on a debauch .     Negatived it very coolly
for my part.  He left, & after dining with               
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