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Text for Page 131 [05-30-1852]

              Roberts we set off together          As lovely a day
as ever made lover or poet�s heart throb with gladness.
A fresh breeze, ever present sunlight & blue sky.
The boat crowded.      Arrived, (at another port
than when with Barth,)  a long lane passed, we enter
the domain of �the Pagoda�,  occupied by two of Swin-
tons brothers .   There, sitting on the Piazza,
trees all around, and holiday groups, we imbibed
�lemon soda� &c  and had a contemplative smoke.
Saw the paternal Swinton.   Two hours or more
having passed away, we wandered through the
copse and wood at the rear of the building, some
times hearing the chatter of a squirrel on the top of
the tall trees; sometimes coming upon a little
bright pool of water, still and quiet, where the
verdure of the surrounding trees would be mirrored
with deeper and more surpassing richness than above,
and the intense, un-paintable azure of heaven               
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