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Text for Page 132 [05-30-1852]

              between the intersected branches form a mosaic
worthy of blessing Heaven for the privilege of looking
on � sunlight all around.        Rambled on, by
cottages, through lanes, then up little hills, and
by the water side again.      Intending to return by
the next steamer we were progressing thither, when
at the end of a sort of rudely built stone pier were
four or five men just about to start off a certain 
rough looking �perry-auger� as they call it. (May
be the right word in from the Mexico-Indian �pirougue�)
So, at Roberts suggestion, we asked them whether they
wanted any �live ballast�, and in five minutes were
scudding across the broad bright bay at a speed
distancing any race-horse conceivable.    They took
us to Gowanus, where after making them drink,
we set off for Brooklyn, and arrived there,
rather tired with out ramble.  Must have done
8 or 9 miles during the day.   Had a stew               
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