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Text for Page 134 [06-02-1852]

              when just as we were about to start there came a
certain, sergeant, corporal, or something of the sort, who
had been expedited from Bedlow�s Island by our
boatman, and now was marvellously impatient to get
back, anticipating divers pains and penalties if too late
for evening call.     So Barth being good natured we
went there first, against a strong tide, and furious
wind, which gave the boatman hard work.   A lovely
evening at first, but soon overcast, and lightning fast
and beautiful over the Jersey shore, � a furious
rain storm threatening, which in fact occurred though
not till we were out of its reach .   Passed the little
treeless �Gibbet Island,� (now perverted into Ellis�s �
who the devil was Ellis I�d like to know?) and
Barth and our good humoured, strong armed, Irish
boatman tugging hard after an hour or more we
reached Bedlows, and our soldier got off, at a 
certain jetty where were some dozen or more               
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