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Text for Page 136 [06-05-1852]

              him.  To Reveille Office.   Dined at 4, to
Lantern Office.        /  By the bye    Matthews is
a smaller man than even I had conceived.  Mr
Charles narrated how he brought  Boyd
to the Reveille Office, with a bid of $12 for the
work, engraving and drawing.   Charles would�nt
have him.  And Mathews does such oily slaver of
pretended liking to my work.    Bah!   /      Evening
Davis wife came with linen.
  6. Sunday.   Talking with Fay,  Waud and
another in the former�s room.  /          Called on
Weed for little block.   To Mr Greatbatch�s.
Dined with them.   To Hoboken.  Return & stayed
the evening
  7. Monday.  Did Lantern notions. To the
Office with them.   Called at Reveille  &c.
Afternoon drawing.  Lockington called.  He�s a
little sweep, I think .           Evening after               
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