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Text for Page 058 [11-27-1849]

              ed poster.   Backgammon with Wing.
  28. Wednesday.  At work on �Mose�. /   At night commenced a
careful bed-perusal of Shelleys wondrous Drama �The Cenci.� Type of
a still more divine original life, was thine O Shelley.  And as I gaze
on the lining of thy clear and beautiful face, wherein deep intellect and
Love sit inshrined, my heart beats with quick sympathy to think of the
brood of ignoble persecuters who bayed and hounded thee so, in evil days.
The time has come when the dreamings and aspirations of thy first won-
drous boy-poem have passed into practical nation-struggles � ( Proudhon
Cabet, Owen, � [word crossed out] � you�ll find, if you know not that you
have but plagiarized your Communism from Mab.) � And the time
shall come O Shelley, when men shall love, and honor thee, as one
who knew and degraded not the divinity written him; as one who love for 
his humbler fellow man was deep and constant; � as one whose noble
art was most nobly and holily applied; as one who loved and suffered
for Liberty, � aye and did more for it than did Hampden or Washington
or Kossuth � (God speed him. Amen and amen!)	As one, though un-
seen by the second-cause worshipping many, who is and will ever be �an
unacknowledged legislator of the world.�
  29. Thursday.  Commenced on the stone and �Mose.�   Unwell, anxious,
irritable, matagrabolized and letter expecting.  �Canada� is in �
shall I have a letter from her to-morrow.	Oh me, oh me, for
one with some sociable likings this approaching Christmas presents a half               
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