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Text for Page 138 [06-09-1852]

              Lantern, full page one; on wood.   Barth came,
being on a visit up town, which visit being rendered
abortive his not having the address, he return-
ed, and going down to Nassau Street we dined
together, luxuriously; (turtle & strawberries and cream)
Walked down Broadway with him; called at
Dickinsons with block, left Barth at Chamber
Street and returned to room.   Work hard till
6 or so when I finished big block.  Roberts called.
Out about 7, meditatively down Broadway, the
hot bright sunset casting long shades athwart the
Park, and lighting up the faces of the wayfarers.
A lovely close to a lovely day .   Met Holly
(the young Publisher of the Democratic Review)
imbibed with him, walked back till near
Chamber Street, when he left.     Supped
at Van N�s, and then into the Park.
Tammany Hall illuminated and a band               
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