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Text for Page 140 [06-11-1852]

              11. Friday.  Drawing on wood, Lantern Initials
and sketching on paper.      At the Evening came
certain visitors, a man (Mexican comrade of
Barth�s) wife and children.   They, with some
fifty or so had just arrived at the Island
from Michigan.      Everybody very busy.
  12. Saturday.   Saw a man flogged � a deserter
He had to receive 40 lashes.     It was not so bad
to look upon as I imagined, though doubtless
painful enough for the poor devil.  I had fancied
the blows were laid on with more force.
To New York. Reveille & Lantern Offices &c
horribly busy all day, didn�t find time to dine till
6.     Evening at Mrs Kidders
  13. Sunday.  To Hell Gate ferry house with
Roberts.  A demi-pleasant ramble
  {14. Monday until       I have let the week
  19th Saturday.}       slip by unnoted, and               
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