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Text for Page 141 [06-19-1852]

              now haven�t time to disentangle the skein of
details, so shall lump them.     Did the usual
Reveille work, all by Wednesday, letting the
woodpeckers get them .   Did two or three things
for the Lantern on Monday.   And the
rest of the week here and there, or at work
on a big carefully studied subject on wood to
take to the Harpers.  Block split, and marred
my labour on Saturday afternoon.    Called at
Fagans, & Dunsiers new abode on Wednesday.
At Mrs Kidders on Thursday even, till near
upon 12.   Talking with Lotty.     Divers confabs
with Waud,  civil enow , though in the hard
manner he has adopted to all the world.
Saturday Lantern and Reveille Offices.
  20. Sunday.   After dressing, doing chores
&c till nigh upon 11, intended to start for
Governors Island, but Barth arriving preven-               
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