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Text for Page 142 [06-20-1852]

              ted me.  He was off to visit a certain
feminine of his acquaintance,  designing excursion
and sentimentalizing for the day, and had
arrayed himself in immaculately white breeks &c
for the same.     To the Rainbow together,
(where we saw Lockington,) and I break-
fasted and Barth lunched.  There an hour
or so, Barth quitting; and I after some hours
newspaper reading turned out too.   Met Picton
and five or six listeners to him.   He�s heard 
about his �Sachem� picture I put in the Lantern,
and was exhilarated about it.   Must drink
of course.     Left him, to my room for
an hour, then down Broadway to the Battery.
Blazing, sunny day.  Took boat for Staten
Island, it being crowded to extremity, of
course.       Arrived at the Second landing
place, disembarked and to the �Pagoda.�               
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