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Text for Page 144 [06-20-1852]

              Lantern.  Down town again at 11, at Lantern
Office.  With Powell to the Office of the Whig
Review.  Saw Priestley, its Editor, asking about 
my �Ghost Story� was told, �It was in the present
number.�   Powell writing me a few lines of
introduction to Bissell, the publisher of the Re-
view, left.   I, to Goslings dined, made a
call or so, then to the �Whig Review Office� again.
Saw Bissell, gnarly looking young fellow.   Told
me they liked the Story (were open to future 
contributions, and that on the first of next month
I was entitled to $14 for the Story.   They
pay $1 per column.        Before calling at
the Lantern Office I had encountered Picton
at the �Sachem� door .  He�d got the current
Lantern in hand, and was showing every-
body the burlesque of himself.   Imbibition of
course.   Called at Reveille Office.   Saw               
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