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Text for Page 145 [06-21-1852]

              Mr Charles.   Says the paper don�t pay, he�s losing 
money by�t.   Wants to know whether I can�t
give more than 9 cuts for $16 per week.  Cer-
tainly Not.            Returned, drew on wood
till evening.   Then to the Washington Baths
with Waud and a little dentist, step-son
to the old Englishman, Conway, whom Waud
hoaxed so cruelly about Lantern Contributions,
some months back .  But stepson did�nt know
it of course.             After our bath, Waud
and I to Beekman Street, where I supped, and
he left me, to return to his Brooklyn lodging.
Next morning he was to attend tryst to fight
a duel with some fellow he had fought with.
It turned out a humbug.  Waud was sold, as
the fellow did�nt show up.
  22. Tuesday.  Down town with Lantern 
drawings.     Calls, could not see Mathews               
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