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Text for Page 147 [06-23-1852]

  24. Thursday.  Did Reveille Rebusses
and one minor cut.     Down town, left big
drawing at Dickensons, Rebusses at Lockingtons
then to Goslings and dined at leisure.
Called at Lanterns and at the Sachem
Office, where I narrowly missed getting my 
head smashed by the fall of a statuette of
Washington, which came down with direful
crash on the table about three inches from my
head, and broke all to smithereens.     It could-
nt stand Pictons Second Number, though plaster
of Paris.   Left, to room, did chores &c, 
wrote awhile.  Lockingtons Aztec came with
block.     This fellow´┐Żs a singular animal,
talks nasally, looks like a yaller nigger, is
horribly dirty, smells a mile off, is ruptured, 
has something the matter with his feet, has lived               
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