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Text for Page 059 [11-29-1849]

              and three quarters dreary look out. /  The brawlings, scoldings, abuse
and vulgarity of �the family� disgust me.  There�s a sort of female �rowdy-
ism� prevalent, universally, and all Tyrannize, from larger to smaller./
The mother here though is one of the world�s unconcious heroines � toil, toil and
never thinks of taking self credit. Were it to be said to her �Of all who in
God�s sight exist in this house � you alone play the best, and truly heroic part,
working ever from sunrise to sunset, and later, to mountain and hold this house
by your scantily recompensed labour,� it would be strange news to her.  And
well she loves her family too,� selfishness is sometimes manifested to her but never
to them.  All great is a mother�s love!   Poor lean widow, many be there in the
world, (little honoured by it,) like you � but of such is the Kingdom
of Heaven.
  30. Friday. Work on �Mose�.  In the toil of the afternoon feeling
the need of fresh air crossed to New York. Left the design for big poster
of Warren Butlers.  Looked in at Chamber Street, saw Mr. Greatbatch
and leart that Joe is still in New York. Has �had a gum bal�, �swelled
face�, is doing �nothing�, and thinks of going back to Connecticut. /
My �Ripper� article in the �Empire City�, with divers congratulation from
the Editor. �A hit � a very palpable hit.� Requesteth �more of my
quality,� and exhorteth me �to keep it up lively.�               
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