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Text for Page 148 [06-24-1852]

              or rather starved somehow since he has been in
this country.   He�s English born, but horridly
like the little deformed Aztecs I saw at
the Society Library � hence his nickname.   He�s
all the vices of a rational being too, talks of
harlotry, smokes and drinks.   And does the
queerest things.  Bought a port-monnoe when
he had but a few shillings to get a meal with.
Altogether he�s the most unpleasantly miserable devil
conceivable � going back to England by Emigrant
Commissioners grace to him as a pauper.
Supped at Goslings, and then returning, wrote
for an hour or so, �Oldpot� for Strong.
  25. Fri|day.  Writing for Strong till
12, then down town to him.  Called at Lock
ingtons, dined in Courtland Street, calls again
then return to room about 2.  Reading and
idling all the afternoon.     With Waud &               
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