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Text for Page 149 [06-25-1852]

              Fay to the Excelsior for supper.  /     Evening
to Mrs Kidders.   Lotty having been very sick
and keeping her room, had yesterday gone on
a weeks visit to his grandmother.  /   Stayed
till nigh 11.
  26. Saturday.   Down town to breakfast and
Post Office &c.   Return, Edward Greatbatch
came with a letter from Boutcher, at Paris.
Reading &c till 12, when Dickenson and another
woodpecker came with blocks.  To the Reveille
Office and Mathews .  Got paid $16, to
Lockingtons,  dinner, Strongs,  got $6.75 for
´┐ŻOldpot´┐Ż.  To Lantern Office.  First Volume
completed.   Its run its course for 6 months.
Next number a gratis one.  Artist &c furnish
things sans payment.  Heartily willing for my
part.   Back with Swinton who called.  In
his room &c.     A letter from Dillon Ma-               
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