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Text for Page 150 [06-26-1852]

              pother at Detroit, Michigan.     Supped down
town,  boot purchasing, crossed the Fulton
Ferry, (meeting Dunsier,)  called at Roberts,
and he not at home, returned to New York.
Holcomb and Levy off for Australia next week.
  27  Sunday.   Breakfast at the Rainbow, then at
about 12 to Governors Island.   Barth a certain Scotch-
man with whom he is desirous of exchanging offices.  At
3 or so with Barth crossed back to Brooklyn there
visiting Mrs Norman & family, English folks, not
long arrived.  The old lady I had seen at Mrs Barths
previous to my leaving England.   
A be-Yankified son, (some 15 years here) who had, as is
common with all who do get Americanized, gone the entire
animal to a disagreeable degree         There was a daughter
there, a Miss Norman; pleasant faced and amiable � al-
together the family had more the air of home about it
than I have witnessed for many a day.       We stayed               
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