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Text for Page 151 [06-27-1852]

              ten or eleven, supping with them, and on  quitting
all walked with us to the Ferry, embarking & leaving
us on the other side.     Barth to my room, smoked
a pipe or so, then left, at midnight.
  28.  Monday. Lantern work &c.   Evening
at Mrs Kidders.       In a walk with Mrs K round
Saint John�s Park heard the story of Lottys separation
from her husband.    After the ill-advised hasty wedding
she had discovered by some letters, portrait, nicknackery
or like trash how he had lain with some harlot
actress of the crew, � squabbles ensued � fellows making
love to her, he jealous, she imperious, � wouldn�t
see his �friends� � (they being like all of the 
actor craft) � he wild with Jealousy about some
particular man who�d have bought her, � Whytal
accusing her, she saying in rage she�d deserve his
suspicion � he taking her by the throat to strangle
her � domestic hell and Separation.    Afterwards,
and of late he came to New York � the house               
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