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Text for Page 152 [06-28-1852]

              where they live at now; � acknowledging her innocence
attributing his suspicions to &c &c � bosh, and
willing they should yoke again.  She gave him a 
savage No, and he�s on his way to California.
And that�s all of it.        I think there may worse
come of the matter.  An equivocal position, wild,
wilful temper � she�s only the devil pride to keep
the Seven Devils from her.   A sad prospect to
Lotty Kidder! 
Mutual confusion, exasperation, passion � what not?
  29. Tuesday.  Drawing on wood for the Lantern
Afternoon three Reveille drawings on wood �
hard at work.  Took two Lantern drawings to get
cut � gave one Dickenson another Swinton.
Evening called at Dunsiers, finding Miss Tamison
all alone, dress making.   Battered her for
an hour or two, then left & to New York.               
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