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Text for Page 153 [06-30-1852]

              30. Wednesday.   Minor Reveille Cuts. At
1 descending to Swintons found Butler and
Bagett there.   Agreed to accompany me bathing.
Dined, at Goslings, then calling for the wood-
peckers, to Rabineaus and had a [words crossed out] swim
Left them, returned, supped in-doors & called
at Mr Greatbatches in the evening.
  1. Thursday. Down town, calling on Mathews
Randall, Lockington &c.  Dickenson.  Breakfast
at Goslings Senr.   Return. Dined with Swinton, his
brother, father and Waud at the Reade Street Shades.
My Lantern block being finished by Swinton down
town with it, in company with Bellew, who had 
called for his.   I can�t like the fellow.   To 
the room of Randall, got Dickensons cut & to the
Lantern Office with both, meeting Powell &               
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